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Steam Arena is a Arena first person shooter, you will fight many waves of robots in a closed industry.

The game may crash when clicking play button. It's a known bug that we currently are trying to fix. You can retry, it may play smoothly. The bug only occurs on clicking the play button.

Made by  20 student of E-artsup Montpellier and 2 student from Audio workshop during 4 month .



GINER Romain : Producer, Developper

Pôle Graphiste :

CALZIA Calvin : Leader 3D Artist

SAVORNIN Guillaume : 3D Artist, Animateur

ZORZOPIAN Chloé : Character Designer, Animateur, 2D Artist, 3D Artist

Scheer – ALM Benjamin : 3D Artist, Game Designer 

MORRIS Levy : Sound Designer

SUTO Remi : 3D Artist, UI Designer

SINDEN Théo : 3D Artist

Pôle Code :

SALA Quang – Tú : Lead Code, Programmer UI

BOTTON Dan : Programmer

CHIHI Mondhor : Programmer, Game Designer

COQUILLE Oan : Programmer VFX

GABY Faustin : Programmer UI

MARIENVAL Arnaud : Programmer AI

MERAÏ Emric : Programme

POULAIN Léo : Programmer, Game Designer

RAMIREZ DE RIBAS Tristan : Programmeur Gameplay, Responsable GIT, Responsable Playtest

ROGER Hugues : Programmer Gameplay & VFX

Pôle Design :

HOHMANN Vincent : Lead Designer, Game & Level Designer, Responsable Playtest

ELOY Florimond : Game Designer

 Sound Design :

ENGEL Maxime  : Sound Designer (Audio workshop)

BERRIER Brice : Sound Designer (Audio workshop)


Merci à 


Hubert Grossin 

François Cubaynes

Hugues Pendreno

Benoit Toupet

Clément Baudonnel (Epitech)

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Tags3D, arena


SteamArenaV1.1.rar 267 MB
SteamArena.rar 116 MB


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De la qualité !

Hello this is a pretty good game. I would rate this game a 7/10. It would be a higher rating if one of the controls were changed. The fact that Z is forward kinda screws with me. Most games use W as forward. If this can be changed this game would be a 10/10. It's really fun!